Zelel is Gabriel's older sister who only appeared in the last episode of the series as the main (and possibly only) antagonist of the episode.


The name Zelel is a reference to the archangel Zelel or Zaphkiel. That name means "God's knowledge".


Zelel has similar appearance to Gabriel more than Haniel, she has a long blonde hair with slightly paler color than her sisters' and blue eyes. Zelel also wears white kimono-like garb with angelic design.


Although she is an Angel and thus possesses a nice character to herself, Zelel is considered too serious and too far about her angelic duties. She is extremely serious and shows no tolerance for even the slightest thing that is non-angelic.

However, even though she has the perfect Angel character, she is not without fear as Zelel is afraid of dogs which is her only weakness.

Powers and Abilities

Flight: Being an angel, Zelel can fly using her wings.

  • Larger Wings: Zelel’s wings are significantly larger than any other angel’s wings (Gabriel, Raphiel, Tapris). This enables her greater mobility in the air than most angels.

Clairvoyance: Being an angel, Zelel can use her clairvoyance to see and hear through objects and brake barriers. Due to her high rank she can easily break weaker angel's barriers such as Gabriel's.

Immense Angelic Power: Her power is beyond normal Angels and is considered as the strongest Angel in the series while also one of the most powerful in Angel World. To the point she can easily surpass both Gab's and Raphi's power, inflicting fear even to the sadistic Raphi. She can also easily deflect Gab's attack and uses it against her.


Dogs: Zelel has a strong fear of dogs. She sees them (in her head) turn into ferocious beasts which terrifies her. Dogs also can see her, which makes her nervous as she walks by. When Satania's dog barks, Zelel screams and panics and then teleports away. She is the only angel with this weakness.


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